3rd sort training event in Italy

Title of trainings  :

1.Culture as a way of teaching and learning tolerance to others and acceptance of the diversity.

2.The necessity of the Museum education in kindergartens(Objectives and Benefits)

I this sort training event took part teachers of all participants countries ,chlildren ,parents , cultural organisations and local community. We had two different topics in this training event because we lost one country of our partnership ,but the theme was important ,so we include it during in sort training event in Italy.

First topic : "Culture as a way of teaching and learning tolerance to others and acceptance of the diversity" All partners shared various teaching materials and innovative approaches by providing more attractive education and training programmes, in line with individuals needs and expectations, using participatory approaches methodology for teaching and learning about topic tolerance and divercity .

We also learned to develop methods and creating conditions for personalized teaching and learning for all pupils in order to improve the quality of education and to ensure a good start in education for all children.Creation material to support in-service training We exchanged games and methods how to teach tolerance and divercity to little children. There were related presentations of all partners and we had a good practice taking part in various games by our selves.

Second topic : The necessity of the Museum education in kindergartens(Objectives and Benefits)we learned about the "The necessity of the Museum education in kindergartens(Objectives and Benefits). Different plans about museum education were presented by all countries on the topic.

Visit to the museum contribute to maximizing the interest of the teachers and children in issues related to the cultural heritage and to the way of life of their ancestors,because children will come in contact with the past, they will provide information about the life in the past years of the region, where they live. The direct contact of the children with the monuments will help them to understand the relationship between them and the conditions of the era that gave birth to them and offers the potential to encourage children to participate in the educational process, to get to know their cultural inheritance, to cultivate multiple cognitive skills, emotional and psychomotor sector, to self-act.

Participants had the opportunity to take part in educational visits to open air museums and monuments of cultural heritage (Pompei and Vezouvios)and a practice plan for the development of a museum visit plan was presented by all participants .

Trough activities of museum education field ,children will increase their interesting about the museum ,learning the value of museums and will understand that museums are not just a place with things without life. They are like "open books" which allow us to "read " our past ,our history and our culture.

Evaluation of training event and discussion of difficulties of the project via questionnaires to teachers and parents. Exchanging of information material of each country, educational material and dvds with schools and countries presentations, cds with children activities.

Teachers enhanced the quality of their knowledge about diversity and tolerance and will be able to use the best practice for the benefit and progress of all children and gain new knowledge on registered topics and practical experience and skills

Also they acquired new knowledge and information about other countries' curriculum, teaching methods, technology use and learning environment. The teacher's horizons extend to different teaching modes and different types of education systems.

The exchanging of these innovative methods represent an important initiative among our partnership and will produce a more modern, dynamic,committed and professional environment inside every school ready to integrate good practices and new methods into daily activities.These methods are very useful,mainly for Greece, because is a country that every day accept many refugees and children have to learn, accept the diversity,live and co exist with them.


A certificate has given to all participants .Italian farewell event.