4th training event in Almada (Portugal) " Cultural education and Innovative actions new methodologies, pedagogies and strategies "


Already in the educational context, new teaching methods are emerging, reflecting the new needs of our time and redefining the role of education and its association with the holistic approach to the issues leading to knowledge acquisition, broadening the frontiers of research and promoting the experiential, cooperative and active learning. This way of acquiring knowledge puts the school in the center of the wider society and redefine its role.

The role of preserving and transmitting our cultural inheritance to the younger generations is mainly the primary responsibility of the school to integrate the teaching of our cultural inheritance into the educational process starting from the Kindergarten where the characters and life attitudes are shaped. The variety of subjects of the folk culture gives teachers the opportunity of linguistic, cultural, intercultural, artistic, aesthetic and historical use.

But the most important thing is that it gives children an exciting journey into the imaginary world of the past. Teachers horizon expands about different ways to teach and different type of educational systems. It will help children build a harmonious relationship between the present and the past, understand the historical and social processes and form a cultural consciousness that will allow them to participate, create variations or new cultural forms.

We be strengthen the feeling of belonging together in Europe to all participating pupils and teachers and therefore reduce prejudices by getting to know foreign cultures and different ways of thinking. After this seminar all schools will mostly apply selected methods and teaching material that can function independently and help to enhance the quality of education.

A certificate has given to all participants .