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Welcome to Greece ! Welcome to Trikala!

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Creation  of Erasmus+ corner by all participants schools                

Nipiagogio Rizariou ,Greece

Creation of Erasmus + corner

"Goodmorning " Memories of grandmothers 'frame!


Nipiagogio Rizariou ,Greece


What means the pictures with "Good morning" in Greece? Read here:

The "good morning" on the wall of the house with the towel hanging sometimes was an integral part of the interior design of an Aeginian house and not only. Sample of nobility With this image - wish have a good  day to the  man who left for his field, his shop, his boat. Over the years, "good days" have been removed from the walls of the houses. Somewhere they were stored or sold . The hanger with “Good Day” was a feature of folklore that is no longer found in homes, but only by fanatical enthusiasts of tradition and the quality of life of old  times. There were many types of "good days".There themes are  in love couples, scenes from nature, beautiful landscapes and  birds. Preferably birds that sing joyful  and from their beak keep a ribbon with the word "good day". Many "good days" existed with an embroidered pattern or as painting pictures The following picture  belongs to my personal collection and iw hade made by my grandmother Eleni Fasianou-Karagouni the year 1918,when she was 20 years old.                                                        By Ann Magkiosi      

Children introduction via padlet

Greetings from children of Rizario Kindergarten,Greece