Project results

1st and 2nd year project results


1. Creation of website 

2. Creation of e twinning progect

3. Creation of European Erasmus+ corner in each school

4.Presentation of 1st year project activities (by Greek school)

5.Recipe of frienship!   

6.Online map of participant countries

7.Presentation of our countries

8.  Recipe of frienship! 

9.Our international song in all lanquages : "If you happy"   all together  :

10.Greation of common calendar with children drawings

11.Children songs of all countries 

12.Greation of school museum in every participant school

13. Collage of participant countries 

14. Children introdution via padlet 

15.e Twinning  event (spring flowers around Europe)   

16.Chrildren games (knowing each other) 

17. Children say goodmorning in different languages

18. Christmas traditional recipes

19.Teachers' Christmas wishes

20.Our common christmas story

21. Christmas customs

22.Christmas wishes 

23.  Christmas cards around Europe"

24.  Winter landscapes (e Twinning event)   

25. ( Children say winter in all languages of all participant countries) 

26. Children winter paintings

27. Voting board ( which fireplace is the best?) 

28. Children sing the english song "Five little snowmen song" 

29 .Children paint the almond tree   

30.The myth of almond tree (presentation via smore )

31.The story of almont tree (children pictures) 

32.Children songs (by thinkling) 33.

33.Painting the tree of peace

34. Collage of  tree of peace via smile box (all paintings  in a collage) 

35.Events for the : "World Environment Day" 

36. Voting board about spring activities 

37. Voting for  cultural activities 

38. Our common book about " Mothers'Day" 

39.Easter cards around Europe 

40. Easter wishes 

41. e Twinning  and Europe Day 

42. Summer events in all participant schools 

43. " Traditional recipes around Europe " 

44. Teachers and children impressions about the project