Project evaluation

Evaluation is a key stage in the educational process and is considered necessary to measure effective educational practice. It also seeks continuous improvement of learning outcomes with the goal of improving the education provided.

According to answers of project questionnaires every month ,at the beggining and at the end of this year, here are the results of project final evaluation!

1. Teachers and children impressions  

2. 1st year project evaluation via on line questionnaires (one per month from Sept to June)

3. Final evaluation of first year project implemetation

" 1st year final project evaluation "

This e twinning project gave us the opportunity to work and exchange ideas with teachers of other european countries and learn more about their country and their culture! After your answers to our questionnaire here are the results of project evaluation.

The cooperation between colleagues from partner-schools was qualitative, successful and fruitful. Partners of five beautiful countries from different parts of Europe with their excellent cooperation offered to all us ,the opportunity to become part of their culture,to learn about their food,their tradition,their style of life in the past to nowadays and to share our ideas with almost every day communication between us.

Students of all participants schools took active part in all project activities They use their own imagination, practical skills, came in contact with other children around of Europe,came in contact with different lanquages,they shared games,songs and ideas and enjoyed every momeny of this project!They had been looking forward to each next partner posting and had been happy to see and watch all of them.

This programme enabled us - teachers from different schools and countries - collaborate across Europe and get closer without crossing the borders. We had a great opportunity to show our country,our culture and our city to pupils ,teachersand parents of other countries,to exchange ideas and opinions ,to create strong friendships and of course we gained a lot of experience using the tools of new technology.

In this project took part not only pupils and their children,but also their parents,grandmothers and grandfathers ,local community,local pressand local factories of traditional products. So,we believe that our project was successful and is the beggining of a new cooperation in the future.

Thank you for taking part in this so amazing project! 

Project coordinator :Ann Magkiosi